Why Choose Us?

Here at iHoverboard.com we are determined to make sure every single customer is satisfied.

We believe in treating each customer with respect and with prompt individual attention.

At iHoverboard the majority our hoverboards end up as children's gifts, because of this we know delivery speed and dependability are important to parents. We strive to make sure all riders are safe, happy, and get their gifts on time!


1. Free shipping!

2. We ship out your order on the same day that you purchase to ensure you get your shipment ASAP.

3. Fast shipping. In the east coast average orders average delivery is 2 days. 4-5 days for west coast.

4. Top notch customer service. We answer all questions and handle all customers with the same importance.

5. Safe and secure website. All of your important financial and personal information is protected.

6. 1 year warranty on all of our hoverboards to protect you in case you receive a defective product.

7. We carry the latest designed style hoverboards that are powerful, durable, and charge faster.

8. Top quality, only UL2722 safe hoverboards are sold by us.

9. We have the Experience that comes with being one of the top sellers of hoverboards in the USA.

10. We care about our customers above all else.