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E-Scooter FAQS

Q1.How long does it take to deliver?
The United States delivery time is 2-4 business days. We are working hard to ensure all orders arrive in a prompt and timely manner.

Countries  Shipping Time Ship By
United States 2-4 Business Days UPS / FEDEX

Q2:The front light and screen will be automatically shut off?
A:To save and protect the battery, when the scooter is stationary for 5-10 minutes, it will automatically enter power-save modes and turn off.

Q3:Unable to accelerate?
A:1. For your safety, by default, we designed for this, "Non-zero startup", it only needs one initial speed to start. Or you can connect "Minibot" APP, then, if you turn on Zero Start. 2. Error code (visible on LCD), please contact us to replace a throttle.

Q4:Motor hall Faults?
A:Take off the screws on the bottom of the scooter, then check the controller and replug the hall wire connecting terminal.

Q5:Controller Faults?
A:Take off the screws on the bottom of the scooter, then check and replug the controller connecting terminal.

Q6:Unable to power on?
A:1. Unplug your charger from the port, then click the power button to turn on your scooter. 2. Use the multimeter to measure the voltage of the battery, if the voltage is from 30-42V, it means there is no problem with the battery. If the voltage is lower than 30V, the scooter maybe not be turned on.

Q7:Not charging?
A:1. Check your charging cable and charging port for signs of damage, like breakage. Don't use damaged accessories. 2. Use the 220V ACA of the multimeter to measure the voltage of the charger and charger port, if there isn't reading, your scooter probably needs to replace the charger or charger port. if there is a reading, it probably needs to replace the battery.

Q8:Scooter seems to make noise?
A:It may be the disc brake noise. To remove the disc brake noise:First make sure the scooter is turned off. 1. Loosen two screws on the pump (not the screw on the rocker). 2. Adjust the position of the disc brake pump to ensure that the brake disc is in the middle of the two brake pads. 3. Keep the brake disc and brake pad not touching each other. 4. Hold the disk brake pump in the desired position, then retighten the screws to the pump. Or contact customer service to get an operation video.

Q9:The speed and range are not as same as described?
A:The speed and range will be effected by temperature of environment, the condition of road, the weight of rider(including all belongings )