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Hoverboard Guide

Our hoverboards have a wide variety of features from off-road tires, led lights, infinity wheels, self-balancing mode, and more! Learn about your hoverboard such as recalibrating, setting up bluetooth, and more.


One of the most common solutions for hoverboard issues is calibrating your board. Here are the steps involved in hoverboard calibration:

1. Start with the hoverboard powered off.

2. Adjust the foot pedals until they are level with each other and the ground.

3. Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. The led lights will flash.

4. Press the power button to turn off.

5. Press the power button to turn on. The hoverboard will be calibrated and ready to ride. Be sure to wear a helmet!

Make Your Hoverboard Last

Use a soft rag to clean any dust or dirt off your hoverboard. If left for too long, small particles can affect the interior mechanics of your hoverboard.
Inspect Your Ride
Be sure to inspect your hoverboard before and after each ride to check for damages. Finding small damages early can help prevent it from becoming a larger issue.
Avoid High Temps
Keep your hoverboard stored in a cool, dry environment. Moisture and extreme hots or colds can affect the electronics within the hoverboard.


Can you ride a hoverboard on carpet/dirt?

All of our hoverboards come with full CE certification so they are as safe as they can be. Further to this, we test every single board individually before we dispatch them.

How long does a self-balance board last on full charge?

On full charge the length of time a board lasts depends on things such as the way it is used, where it is used and how it is used. For example, if it is being used at full speeds turning around corners constantly this will deplete the battery quicker. Also on rougher terrain the battery is depleted quicker. When the boards are used with the HoverKart attachment the battery life is reduced as this takes a lot more power to use.

How much do you need to weigh to ride a hoverboard?

The boards are designed for anybody over the weight of 20kg+.

Why do you need Bluetooth on a hoverboard?

The Bluetooth feature on our self-balancing boards are good for connecting to your phone to use it as a speaker for your music.

How far do a hoverboard go?

There is no limit to how far they can go. It depends on the battery life. Fully charged they will last around 40 minutes.

How old should you be to ride a hoverboard?

With our electric scooters there is no real age that you need to be to ride them. As long as you weigh enough the board is good for most ages as long as the user is at least 20kg.

How long does it take to learn to ride a hoverboard?

This varies on the user. Some riders grasp it immediately and are off and running fairly quickly. Some take a little longer. However, there are tutorials on YouTube which can be used to help with this process.

How do you know if your hoverboard is charged?

Our chargers will have a green light appear on them once the board is fully charged. Once the board is fully charged the charger will automatically cut off to prevent it overheating.

How do you stop a hoverboard?

All you have to do to stop the self-balancing board is step off it. Once you have stepped off the hovebroard press the power button and it will turn off automatically.

Can you get a hoverboard wet?

We do not recommend that you use the self-balancing board around any water. This is because water damage is not covered by the warranty so any faults caused as a result of water damage would make the repair chargeable.

The hoverboard is tilted, how to adjust the balance?

Firstly, please put the hoverboard on a smooth surface, press and hold the on button until the left and right leaf lights of the hoverboard flash alternately with a beep beep beep beep beep, then switch off and on again to return to the balance state.

Here is the link for your reference to adjust it: